The ease to find public parking was identified as the #2 mobility priority by respondents to the City’s 2021 Community Survey. What the City of Gainesville offers is an ineffective approach to parking management. The parking spaces which are most convenient are free and usually full creating the perception that parking is inadequate to serve local business destinations

Fee based parking creates more available spaces, which means, less driving in circles wasting fuel to hunt for a parking spot and decreasing potential conflicts with other modes enhancing overall pedestrian and cycling safety in the area. Parking fees have not been adjusted in more than 10 years. At its best, parking management sufficiently balances curbside parking demand with surface lot and parking garage space availability.

By increasing curbside rates and enforcement hours and decreasing garage fees, the City is employing the economic model of consumer choice. The proposed changes in parking rates and structure will improve curb management and utilization of assets, encouraging higher turnover and creating opportunities for better access based on user preference. On-street short-term parking at the core will be available at a higher cost and spaces a few blocks out and at off-street parking locations would offer lower rates and longer terms. There will continue to be ample free on-street parking within a few blocks walk of high-demand destinations. This provides users options to choose the best available spaces to fit their needs.

A holistic approach to parking management will better balance the supply and demand for curbside parking. Updates to the mobile parking system include the ability to now accept pay-by-phone with no app download required, broadening the accessibility of the virtual payment system. The downtown core is also currently served by frequent transit, with the Rosa Parks transfer station on the south end of the downtown core.

A broad communication campaign is forthcoming outlining the changes. Implementation is in its early stages and is phased to allow ample time for the transition and assimilation of changes. Enforcement for the change in parking management will begin February 2022.

Changes in a nutshell:

Surface lot changes:

  • Metered/paid lots will be $.50/hr, 4 hour max
  • Lot 2 will remain free with no limit and lots 6 and 18 will remain employee lots

Downtown on-street changes:

  • Free 2-hour high demand parking will convert to $1.00/hr for 2 hour max time limit; and spaces a few blocks out $.50/hr with either 2hr or 4hr max; further removed on-street parking spaces free with no time limit

Enforcement hours:

  • 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday

Garage hourly fee:

  • Decrease to $.50/hr
  • Monthly rates will stay the same at $25.00/month or $60.00/quarter