Controlled Parking Program

The Controlled Parking Program was created to enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods by eliminating commuter parking associated with the University of Florida.


Neighborhood Permits

You may live or work in a neighborhood that requires a city parking permit as indicated by street signage. Parking permits are sold on an annual basis from August 1st to July 31st.

Commercial, services and visitor permits are also available.

Please click this LINK to use the map to identify which Permit Zone your residence is in. Enter your address in the “Find Address” bar to help locate. Once entering your address, you may have to click on the colored zone in the Search Result in order to identify which Permit Zone your address is in. If your address is not in one of the Permit Zones, you are not eligible to apply for a Residential Parking Permit.


Renters, Fraternity/Sorority, Homeowner w/o Homestead Exemption

Permits in Zone 1, 2 and 5 are $115.75 per decal (subject to change)
Permits in all other Zones are $58.00 per decal (subject to change)

Homeowners w/ Homestead Exemption

Permits in all Zones are $23.00 for one fiscal year or $69.00 for three fiscal years (subject to change).

Smartphone Parking

Pay by Phone parking in Gainesville, Florida

Learn how to pay for metered spaces and the SW Downtown Garage using Passport.


Got a Citation?

Pay a parking citation online in Gainesville, FL

Parking violations can be reviewed and paid online – view options and next steps here.


Report a Problem

Report a problem in Gainesville, FL with 311GNV

Use 311GNV to report a problem with a meter, damaged or missing street sign within city limits.