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Look here for purchase information on various city lot and garage parking.

Sw Parking Garage Application (pdf)

 Map Simple
SW Downtown Garage Located at: 105 SW 3rd Street, Gainesville.


6am-6pm – $1/hr. ($6 max)
6pm-6am – $5/night

Express Card:

Unlimited access card for $25/month or 3 or more months for $20/month, plus tax

SW Downtown Garage

helpful tips:

The SW Downtown Garage is fully automated. There are no cashiers stationed at the vehicular entry/exit lanes. Access is granted by either the push of a button for daily parkers or by inserting your Express Card.

Ways to pay:


  1. Insert credit card into garage entrance gate
  2. No ticket will be issued
  3. Insert same card in garage exit gate to complete transaction of visit
  4. Obtain receipt


  1. Take ticket at garage entrance gate
  2. Insert ticket in garage exit gate when leaving
  3. Follow with credit card to make payment
  4. Obtain receipt


  1. Take ticket at garage entrance gate
  2. Take ticket with you to pay-on-foot stations to make payment
  3. Take paid ticket with you to garage exit gate
  4. Insert exit ticket in garage exit gate

Express Cards – GREAT VALUE & CONVENIENCE! (← see rates)

  1. Fill out an application indicating the desired length you wish to purchase and pay the appropriate fee. Cash, check Visa and MasterCard.
  2. Use the card at the entry and exit stations. No ticket is needed.

Express Cards are available for purchase at the Parking Operations Admin Office located in the east breezeway.

helpful tips:

Hours of Operation:
Metered Lots: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Daily except Saturdays and Sundays. Permitted lot times may vary.


Lot No. Lot Type Cost
2 10hr Meters $0.25/hour
3 2hr Meters $0.50/hour
4 2hr Meters $0.50/hour
5 2hr Meters $0.50/hour
6 Free Nightly,
Permit during the day
10* Permit Only* Permit Only*
13 2hr Meters $0.50/hour
18 Free Nightly,
Permit during the day
GRU Free Nightly,
Permit during the day

**Lot 10 Permits – Now Available!* Parking tags for Lot 10 are available for purchase at the Southwest Downtown Parking Garage.

Lot 10 Permit Aplication (pdf)

Downtown: Parking Lots

The downtown Gainesville area provides time-limited, metered and long-term parking. Use this map to find information on lots near your favorite downtown attractions.

Map Lots FullClick map for detail


Color Type Cost
Free Free
Metered 25¢-50¢/hr
Permit Restricted

helpful tips:

Hours of Operation
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Daily except Saturdays and Sundays*.

Located a malfunctioning or disabled meter? Call (352) 334-2559 and report the problem AND the meter number. We will check the meter within a timely manner and promptly provide a return call to you.

*Applies only to meters. ADA, Free & Permit parking times may vary.

Downtown: On-Street Parking

Click on the map below to see a color-coded representation of Gainesville’s on-street parking.

Map Meters FullClick map for detail


Cost of permit in Zones 1,2,5,10 is $110.25 per decal/year.
Cost of permit in all other zones is $55.25 per decal/year.
Homestead permits are $22 for one year or $66.25 for three years.
Commercial and Service permits are $22.50
Replacement Decal is $22.00

To purchase a parking permit, visit the City of Gainesville site or call Billing and Collections at (352) 334-5024 and ask for parking decal desk.

Click the following link to view restricted program parking zones:

Restricted Program Parking Zone Map (pdf)

City of Gainesville Controlled Vehicular Parking Program Guidelines:

Guidelines 2017 (pdf)

Neighborhood Permits

The City of Gainesville’s Billing & Collections Office issues parking permits in accordance with the published guidelines for the controlled vehicular parking program. A city permit is required for on-street parking in the program zones during the established enforcement times of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except for Zones 6 and 7 which are 24/7. Permits are zone specific and/or vehicle specific.

A permit year is October 1st – September 30th. The annual grace period is from July 15th – August 31st.

The City of Gainesville Public Works Department – Parking Operations enforces the program and all other parking violations as specified in Chapter 26, Code of Ordinances and Florida State Statute.

The City of Gainesville Controlled Vehicular Parking Program was created to enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods by eliminating commuter parking. The program operates under approved guidelines. To read more, please click on the link to the left.

Click here for full size interactive map.